Free Mindfulness Sessions

Free Mindfulness Sessions

Hello everyone


I hope that you are safe and well; who knew we would still be in lockdown and restricted from seeing those that we care about – the crazy norm has become the norm; hopefully not for much longer.

I thought that I would send a brief message to let you know that I will be offering free mindfulness sessions over the next few weeks on Thursday evenings 7-8pm online starting this week. If any of you are interested then please message me and I will send you a link and password prior to the event. Mindfulness practice is known to help when practiced regularly for depression, anxiety, sleep, panic symptoms, relaxation and resilience – we owe it to ourselves to give something back 😊


You may be wondering why this newsletter may look different and that is because I have subscribed to mail chimp who provide better protection through my website – there is also an easy subscribe/unsubscribe button at the bottom for your ease if you no longer wish to receive emails from me – hopefully I don’t send too many now as in the first lockdown as we are all prepared and have things in place.


Remember we are a community and a problem shared is a problem halved; if you have any concerns speak with your neighbours or let me know and I will see if I can sign post or find the right person to help you; or just be there to listen!


A quick thank you to our neighbour Dick Russell who continues to facilitate the neighbourhood watch newsletter – I think the topic at the moment is about the scammers who we have all probably been exposed to at some point, which warns us to be vigilant and trust your gut feeling – you’re usually right!